Add funds to carrier account

Requires approval from [email protected] before use...

Adds funds to a carrier account using the payment information on file. The body of this request should specify the following attributes:

Name Data Type Description
carrierCode string, required The carrier to add funds to.
amount number, required The dollar amount to add to the account. The minimum value that can be added is $10.00. The maximum value is $10,000.00.

Example Request

POST /carriers/addfunds HTTP/1.1
Authorization: __YOUR_AUTH_HERE__
Content-Type: application/json

  "carrierCode": "fedex",
  "amount": 20

Example Response

  "name": "",
  "code": "stamps_com",
  "accountNumber": "SS123",
  "requiresFundedAccount": true,
  "balance": 24.14