List Stores

Retrieve the list of installed stores on the account.

Name Data Type Description
showInactive boolean, optional Determines whether inactive stores will be returned in the list of stores.
marketplaceId number, optional Returns stores of this marketplace type.

Example Request

GET /stores?showInactive=showInactive&marketplaceId=marketplaceId HTTP/1.1
Authorization: __YOUR_AUTH_HERE__

Example Response

    "storeId": 22766,
    "storeName": "ShipStation Manual Store",
    "marketplaceId": 0,
    "marketplaceName": "ShipStation",
    "accountName": null,
    "email": null,
    "integrationUrl": null,
    "active": true,
    "companyName": "",
    "phone": "",
    "publicEmail": "[email protected]",
    "website": "",
    "refreshDate": "2014-12-03T11:46:11.283",
    "lastRefreshAttempt": "2014-12-03T11:46:53.433",
    "createDate": "2014-07-25T11:05:55.307",
    "modifyDate": "2014-11-12T08:45:20.55",
    "autoRefresh": false
    "storeId": 25748,
    "storeName": "Ashley's Test WooCommerce",
    "marketplaceId": 36,
    "marketplaceName": "WooCommerce",
    "accountName": null,
    "email": null,
    "integrationUrl": "",
    "active": true,
    "companyName": "",
    "phone": "",
    "publicEmail": "",
    "website": "",
    "refreshDate": "2014-11-26T22:28:14.07",
    "lastRefreshAttempt": "2014-11-26T14:28:14.07",
    "createDate": "2014-11-10T08:53:48.077",
    "modifyDate": "2014-12-03T14:53:50.557",
    "autoRefresh": true